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"The Most Controversial Film at CineVegas"


The Ballsiest Film at the Festival"

"a UNIQUELY FASCINATING work with built-in controversy that's bound to get people talking, even if they hate it... a historic work simply because it exists"

impossibly cruel...hideous"
-Las Vegas Weekly


STUNS as a Pure work of Cinema."


CineVegas Film Festival Presents

the World Premiere

A film by JOSH FOX

MEMORIAL DAY, the feature film written and directed by Josh Fox, will have its world premiere in competition at the CineVegas Film Festival at the Palms Resort in Las Vegas on Sunday, June 15th at 7pm and Monday, June 16th at 3:30pm.

The 10th annual CineVegas Film Festival will be held June 12 – 21 at the Palms Casino Resort and the Brenden Theatres. The tenth installment of the Sin City festival presents work from innovative, uninhibited and renegade artists by offering a selection of world and U.S. premieres of narratives and documentaries, advance screenings of high-profile films, the best new independent films, a Mexican cinema sidebar, and a program of shorts and features from Nevada filmmakers.
“Over the past ten years, CineVegas has evolved into the festival we have always wanted it to be: an exhilarating, one-of-a-kind experience for film lovers and an intimate, supportive environment for innovative films and filmmakers, as well as a dynamic launching place for studio releases,” said Artistic Director Trevor Groth. “This year’s program continues our history of championing films that take risks, challenge audiences and push the artistic limits of filmmaking. We are also excited to introduce a documentary competition for films that have the same outlaw spirit as the features we show. Las Vegas has the resources to celebrate these unique films as no other place can and for our tenth anniversary we look forward to cranking it up to an 11.”

Josh Fox’s MEMORIAL DAY, a look into the first weekend of summer and America’s obsession with partying on camera, will be included in the festival’s world premieres in competition, also known as “Jackpot Premieres.” MEMORIAL DAY is the first feature film from New York theatre artist Josh Fox, Artistic Director of the International WOW Company, who is known as “one of the most adventurous impresarios of the New York avant-garde (New York Times),” and “one of downtown’s most audacious auteurs (Time Out NY).”

A wild Memorial Day weekend takes an unexpected turn in this brutally thrilling roller coaster ride through national obsessions.   Josh Fox and a ferocious ensemble push the envelope of a war holiday gone wild.
Beginning as a rowdy beach weekend video, Memorial Day twists and turns to find the dark hearts of young Americans who live to tape their most debauched adventures. The characters are thrust into full exposure, both physically and emotionally, to a place where self-exploitation and the exploitation of others give rise to a shocking new kind of entertainment. The camera creates a sphere of provocation wherever it goes, ramping up actions and pushing characters to a place of hyper-real catharsis.  The film takes a major twist half way through, pushing the themes of the weekend to their extremes.

MEMORIAL DAY is presented by Artists Public Domain (Momma’s Man) and the International WOW Company, in association with Bay Bridge Productions, C-Hundred Film Corp (Our Song, American Movie) and Journeyman Pictures (Half Nelson, Maria Full of Grace).

Initiated in 2005, MEMORIAL DAY is the much anticipated first feature film by the award winning and critically acclaimed International WOW Company, the New York based ensemble company led by Josh Fox. Since its inception in 1996, International WOW Company has created over 25 productions worldwide that have been consistently lauded as ambitious, inventive, and visually stunning. New York critics have hailed the company as “Virtuosic…Fearlessly inventive (New York Times)”; “Furiously inventive” and “Meteoric (Time Out NY)”; and “one of the most innovative and prolific theatre companies around (Theatremania)”. With the world premiere of this shocking new work, CineVegas brings International WOW Company‘s bold entrance into the world of film into the national spotlight.

Filmmaker Jim McKay (Everyday People, Our Song, Angel Rodriguez), co-founded C-Hundred Film Corp with Michael Stipe (BEING JOHN MALKOVICH, SAVED), and serves as Executive Producer of MEMORIAL DAY. McKay explained: “I like working with first-time filmmakers because it gives me the opportunity to vicariously relive my early days as a director when I was making things up as I went along, taking big chances, and flying by the seat of my pants. Working with Josh Fox was no exception to this scenario. I was continually inspired by the way his whole vision played out - the way improvisation, written material, visceral camerawork, and instinctive editing all flowed out of him and created a work of art that is surprising, invigorating, perplexing, and, in the end, really works. He has taken what he's learned from his years in the theater and transitioned seamlessly into the world of filmmaking, bringing along with him a refreshing style and energy that is unique in U.S. cinema.”

MEMORIAL DAY, produced by Hunter Gray, Paul Mezey and Laura Wagner, features an ensemble cast including Harold Kennedy German, Robert Humphery, Neil Knox, Nick Konow, Maria McConville, Tess Mix, Sarah Nedwek, Giovanni Rich, Pedro Rafael Rodriguez, Robert Saietta, and David Skeist.

“I am totally thrilled to be a part of such a bold and raucous festival,” said Josh Fox, “Making Memorial Day was like being at an all month party gone amok and I can't think of a more perfect place to premiere it or a more apt setting for the chaos that we set out to capture."

Screenings of MEMORIAL DAY are on Sunday, June 15th at 7pm and Monday, June 16th at 3:30 pm at the Palms Casino Resort and the Brenden Theaters in Las Vegas. Reservations are available through the CineVegas website: For more information, please visit or


Josh Fox (Writer/Director): Memorial Day is the first film by celebrated New York theater artist Josh Fox and his company of actors. In 1996 he founded International WOW Company, a theater and performance group with membership of over 100 actors, dancers, musicians, technical, and visual artists spanning 30 countries on 5 continents. With International WOW Company he has conceived, written, directed, and/or produced over 30 productions in Thailand, Indonesia, The Philippines, Japan, Germany, France and New York City, which have included You Belong To Me, Death of Nations Part V, “Heimwehen,” The Comfort & Safety of Your Own Home (Top Ten of 2004, NY Theatre Wire), Limitless Joy, The Expense of Spirit; Death of Nations, parts 1-4 and The Trailer; Orphan On God’s Highway; The BOMB; HyperReal America (Top Ten Shows of 2001, Time Out NY); Soon My Work; This is Not the Ramakian; The Sleeping and the Dead; Stairway to the Stars; and American Interference (Best in the Fringe Festival, Village Voice).

As the Artistic Director of International WOW, Josh has established himself as a significant force in New York’s downtown theatre community. In 2004, the New York Times hailed him as “one of the most adventurous impresarios of the New York avant-garde,” and Time Out NY has called him “one of downtown’s most audacious auteurs,” citing his “brilliantly resourceful mastery of stagecraft.”

Fox is in development on two feature films, A Place To Live and QUIET, which are alternate visions of the future of his native New York City. He is also creating an epic multi-stage theater installation called SURRENDER with Iraq War veteran and Memorial Day collaborator Jason Hartley in which recently returned Gulf War Soldiers train the audience in combat techniques before raiding an installation full of actors. For more info please go to

Artists Public Domain, Inc (APD) is a supporting organization and public charity as recognized by the IRS in section 501(c)(3). APD was formed to assist in creative endeavors in the arts, specifically those relating to film and video. APD supports the Independent Feature Project (IFP) with cash donations that directly fund grants to filmmakers and programs at the IFP. APD also funds and produces short films, features and documentaries. The organization also donates post production services and office space to low budget features and documentaries.

Artists Public Domain is run by a board of five people, all of whom have other full time jobs in film. The board is Tyler Brodie and Hunter Gray of Verisimilitude Films, Paul Mezey of Journeyman Pictures, Alex Orlovsky of Hunting Lane Films, and Michelle Byrd of the IFP. APD has no employees and no board member is paid for their time, allowing for low overhead and all of its resources to go directly to projects and grants.

In the last year APD has supported film and video projects of fiction, non-fiction, and experimental nature ranging in budget from $8,000 to $120,000. While there are no strict guidelines as to what projects are selected or how they are executed, they all seek success in conveying the vision of the artist as opposed to creating commercial profit.

International WOW Company: Founded in 1996 by a group of theatre and dance artists from Thailand, Indonesia, Japan, and the US, International WOW Company has created over 40 new plays, consistently lauded as ambitious, inventive, and visually stunning. The company develops works that position community and culture in an international context and redefine the dramatic event in the changing landscape of globalization. Over the past 8 years, International WOW has become a pioneer of international theatre exchange, incorporating performance methods from the East and West, and forging an interdisciplinary training for actors.

Josh Fox, the Artistic Director, has conceived, written, directed, and/or produced International WOW productions in Thailand, Indonesia, The Philippines, Japan and New York City, which have included Limitless Joy, The Expense of Spirit; Death of Nations, parts 1-4 and The Trailer; Orphan On God’s Highway; The BOMB; HyperReal America (Top Ten Shows of 2001, Time Out NY); Soon My Work; This is Not the Ramakian; The Sleeping and the Dead; Stairway to the Stars; and American Interference (Best in the Fringe Festival, Village Voice).

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